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Ricky – Founder and Lead Developer

picture of Ricky Spears
Ricky Spears

My two biggest passions are learning and teaching. Those two things are the foundation of Spears Technologies and what makes us a valuable business partner.

I love working with technology because I see it as a way to improve the everyday lives of the people who use it while increasing the efficiency and profitability of business. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with people in a broad range of businesses and industries. This experience allows me to see connections and solutions that others often miss.

I had always wanted to get back to living on the Carolina coast and in 2012 I moved to Carolina Beach. The next year I met my future wife, Denice, who believed in me and greatly encouraged me in my entrepreneurial endeavors. I’m a better man and businessman with her by my side.

The following year I met Steve. He’s a brilliant yet down-to-earth guy with whom I collaborate very well. He has likewise challenged and helped my to grow the business into new and exciting ways.

I really enjoy variety, whether I’m exploring a new city, trying a new restaurant, or experimenting with a new technology. I also try to do one thing every day that challenges me out of my comfort zone.

Ricky’s Resume

Denice – Office Manager and Creative Consultant

Denice Spears
Denice Spears

I grew up in Virginia Beach, but a job offer brought me to Wilmington NC in March 2010.
I’ve worked in the Customer Service arena for 25 years. I received a technical background when I worked for a major cell phone carrier. It was so important to be able to keep up with ground-breaking technology, in that fast paced environment.

I met Ricky in December 2012, and he began to introduce me to Spears Technologies and his diverse technical knowledge. We got married in June 2014, and our partnership blossomed both personally and professionally. I work closely with Ricky, Steve and Ashley, and I wear many hats. I try to keep us on schedule, respond to our customer’s needs in a timely manner, and creatively contribute to Spears Technologies’ growth.

I enjoy travel, and especially experiencing new places. I love to bake cookies, and experiment in the kitchen with new recipes! And living in a coastal town affords me the ability to experience the beach, sand and surf whenever I need to smell the salt air or feel the wind in my hair.

Steve – Product Manager and Developer

Steve Dalton
Steve Dalton

I grew up in Virginia. I’ve always loved computers. My first computer was a Commodore 64 and I still remember how exciting it was to type the Basic code for a simple game or program and run it. Seeing the results of your work on the screen was awesome!

While in college I met the love of my life, Amy.  Between my junior and senior year we got married.  We now have 4 terrific kids.  I have the privilege of working with our middle daughter Ashley at Spears Technologies.

I worked in management for about 10 years before becoming a pastor in 2001.  In 2014 while transitioning from church work to computer work, I met Ricky.  We hit it off instantly and have formed a great partnership.  Ricky’s mentorship is taking my design and programming skills to new heights.

I enjoy spending time with my family, running, and playing video games.


Jason – Internet Strategy Consultant

pic of Jason Fox
Jason Fox

I have always called North Carolina home, except for my two years in the U.S. Navy. For the past 19 years, I have worked for a major telecommunications company. I’ve held a few different job titles, but they have always revolved around cutting-edge technology and customer service. While working, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 2010.

My passions are technology and entrepreneurship. Over the years, I started several micro-businesses ranging from computer repair and lost file extraction to online product sales and custom spreadsheet creation.

I’ve known Ricky since 2005. We were immediate friends. Ricky had a technical background I could only dream about, and I had a curious fascination to learn anything about technology. I am self-taught and a fast learner.

I enjoy travelling to faraway locations with my beautiful wife (Ashley Clark) and looking at the world with a childlike curiosity.  I’m a huge fanboy of Star Wars and Star Trek. I also love the outdoor and finding something to climb on, be it a mountain side or tree.