This is what people are saying about Ricky Spears and Spears Technologies.

“I wanted to give you some feedback regarding my recent experiences with your company. I can exuberantly report that is was great. I had two separate sessions with Ricky Spears and he took me from where I was, got me on track, and explained what I needed to do to get to the next step. He took the time to understand the full breadth of my project so that real solutions can be created rather than just solving the narrow problem at hand. He got me over the hump and beyond what I was reading in textbooks. His patience and insight were just what I needed because He took the time to educate me about the nuances needed to get my InfoPath form, SharePoint Server, Workflows, and Word to all communicate. I am looking forward to working with him again once I reach the next step in my project.” — Stacey Robertson

“Ricky is one of the most talented individuals I have ever had the opportunity to work with. He has become one of the foremost experts in the world on Microsoft’s SharePoint Products and Technologies. While working at SharePoint Solutions, he has been the lead author of several of our acclaimed advanced training courses on SharePoint. He has also conducted hundreds of training classes around the U.S. and served as an expert consultant for a number of our clients including ConocoPhillips and Turner Broadcasting.” — Jeff Cate, Founder and President of SharePoint Solutions

“Ricky is a passionate educator, excellent public speaker and very customer-oriented individual with broad knowledge of the Microsoft SharePoint platform.” — Tony Bierman, Director of Software Division at SharePoint Solutions

“Ricky is one of those phenomenal guys that can see a problem and go after the solution. This matched with his integrity creates a person that knows what to go after and what his limitations are. A real standout guy.” — Stephen Aston, Project Manager at Passport Health Communications

“Ricky is an excellent trainer and course author. His classes and written material engage students and help them learn technology in an enjoyable way.
Outside of training and writing, Ricky does a wonderful job as a solution architect. He is able to bring his past experiences and leverage the experiences he hears from students to find great IT solutions that meet the needs of the business.” — Brooke Hyde, PMP, SharePoint Developer at SAIC

“Ricky is a very effective Sharepoint course instructor. He has taught for Microsoft for a couple of years now and has demonstratted great knowledge of the subject. He also has a gift for dealing with the students in a way that everyone learns and enjoys the course as well. Ricky is for sure one of the most enjoyable people to work with.” — Gilmere Vieira, PMP, MBA, Sr. Learning and Development Manager at Microsoft Corporation

“Ricky is an amazing instructor with a passion for learning and educating that goes beyond what is required. He is an excellent communicator who strives to make every word count – even his jokes! He is truly a phenomenal instructor and I am pleased to be able to work with him and learn from him.” — Janice Thorn, Systems Support Engineer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation